Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Mobili-T is your answer to Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) services.

Take the power of Mobili-T beyond the clinic: Equip yourself to start a Remote Therapy Program for dysphagia patients

Clinicians are seeing the results of using Mobili-T in-clinic. Many are also realizing Mobili-T’s full potential by starting Remote Therapy programs. By loaning out Mobili-T devices so results can continue at home, clinicians give their patients the freedom to continue progress from the comfort of their homes. Based on feedback from successfully implemented programs, True Angle has created a package specifically designed to help you launch your facility’s Remote Therapy dysphagia program.

Improve patient adherence to exercise programs for better outcomes

Increase revenue by using Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) CPT codes

Support more patients with fewer clinicians

Make treatment more accessible for patients by decreasing clinic visits

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*Use our RTM calculator for an idea as to how much revenue could be generated by adding RTM services using Mobili-T. Note that we have accounted for an average Medicare reimbursement. This may represent the minimum as it does not account for private insurance co-pay and out-of-pocket rates as set by your clinic.

Bring your dysphagia toolkit into the future and put the latest technology into the hands of your patients.

Save on everything you need to start a Remote Therapy program

The Remote Therapy program bundle includes:

  • 2 Mobili-T devices to use in clinic
  • 5 Mobili-T devices to loan out to patients for home-use
  • 12 months of access to the Clinician Portal software for remote exercise monitoring, tracking and personalization
  • 240 additional adhesives 
  • We provide the training and support!
    • 3 hours of onboarding with the True Angle team to learn the system and launch your program

All at a cost of $4,999.00 (regularly $5665)

“I am pleasantly surprised by how much I love this, it’s so small, so light, and so well designed! The adhesive stayed on and I had the device on for two hours as I was charting.”

UCSD, Moore Cancer Center Clinician

“I just had to pry it out of my patient’s hands to take it back. She had a really favorable experience with it. She’s going to buy one for her own use, if she hasn’t already.”

Stanford Cancer Center Clinician

“I made more gains in the six weeks wearing the device and going through that process than I did at any time prior in terms of my swallowing. Like I really felt it took me to a level like…I can do this. Maybe that will allow me to introduce this food. So the experience of the technology has been for me really, really positive.”

David Jamieson (HNC survivor / Mobili-T user)