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Taking dysphagia tech out of the dark ages.

Mobili-T had its beginnings in a true clinical problem, experienced by our founders. We saw how dysphagia could destroy quality of life and take away one of the most basic functions and pleasures of being human – enjoying a great meal with family and friends. As clinicians, we knew there was a way to help, but for many patients, it was impossible to make the daily trips to the hospital that were required in order to access the necessary equipment. The best we could do was to give them a set of exercises that were written on a piece of paper. We asked ourselves, “What can we do to change this? There must be a way to get this technology into the hands of patients where it matters the most – in their homes.”

The solution, Mobili-T, was designed and developed to be just that. A system that clinicians can use in the clinic, and that they can send home with patients for continuity of care. Mobili-T continues to evolve as a result of our high-performing team members, who are all critical thinkers and who thrive on solving real-world problems with input from our patients and clinical users.

Jana Rieger

Chief Executive Officer

Dylan Scott.

Dylan Scott

Chief Technical Officer

Dylan Scott.

Brendan Hance

Finance Lead

Annamieke Mwizerwa

Executive Assistant

Colin McWhinnie

Advisory Board - Growth

Mitch Gillespie

Advisory Board - Strategy

Darryl Kirsh

Advisory Board - Partnerships

Ehab Dahdouli

Advisory Board - Product

Ben King

Industrial Designer

Leo Qiu

Software Developer / Data Scientist

Jason Palm

Lead Software/Hardware Developer

Ayo Alade

Product Manager

Pradipika Natamia Vasudevan

Renzo Garcia

Customer Success Associate

Jason Keelor

Project Manager

Mike Wilkes

Head of Commercial

Jana Zalmanowitz

Content Creator

Ally Lilly

Social Media Marketing

Garrett Fleck

Digital Marketing Strategist

Mira Soullen

Marketing & Growth Strategist

Waad AlOlayan

PhD Candidate Rehabilitation Medicine

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