About Us

Creating technology that sparks gratitude.

We’re disrupting the world of dysphagia exercise by providing access to technology that empowers, delivering objective data that informs and drives care, and building a supportive network of users.

Our Mobili-T® device is just the beginning for True Angle. The base sensing technology and associated software solution have multiple future applications. Our vision is to create person-centered biofeedback technologies that lead to meaningful health insights and connections. We empower people to enjoy the life they’re living by unlocking their greatest potential. 

Backed By Visionaries 

Striving for Excellence in Technology & Design 

Building Community

At True Angle, we are more than just a health technology company. We strive to build a supportive community of innovators, disruptors, and early adopters. Our Curious & Connected Community and Health at Home podcast are examples of our community outreach efforts.