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Creating technology that sparks gratitude.

Jana Rieger

Chief Executive Officer

Gabi Constantinescu

Chief Product Officer

Dylan Scott.

Dylan Scott

Chief Technical Officer

Dylan Scott.

Brendan Hance

Finance Lead

Annamieke Mwizerwa

Executive Assistant

Ben King

Industrial Designer

Mary Grimes

Sales & Customer Success Associate

Mira Soullen

Marketing & Growth Strategist

Leo Qui

Materials & Data Science Engineer

Deena Sa

Social Media Marketing

Garrett Fleck

Digital Marketing Strategist

Jason Palm

Lead Hardware Design Engineer

Jill Kresic

Sales & Customer Success Associate

Waad AlOlayan

Phd Student - Rehabilitation Medicine

Katie McLean

Partnership Manager

Makenzie Branch

Community Manager

Lauren Therriault

Podcast Manager

Colin McWhinnie

Advisory Board - Growth

Mitch Gillespie

Advisory Board - Product

Pradipika Natamia Vasudevan

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