How Mobili-T® Works

If you’ve never used sEMG biofeedback before, you’re in for a treat. This easy-to-use, accessible technology lets you see muscle excitation as it’s happening. 

Use it as your clinical companion to educate performance of exercise, elicit effort, and build self-efficacy in patients. Our Mobili-T Core is especially designed for this use.

Power On Your Mobili-T®

At the press of a button, your wireless, under-the-chin sEMG sensor automatically connects to your Mobile app via Bluetooth.

Place Your Mobili-T®

Simply apply one of the single-use pre-cut adhesives, and adhere your device just below the jawbone with the reference light facing outward. 

Begin Exercising 

Once your patient is prepared for the exercise, you’ll be able to observe the biofeedback line as they complete their swallow.

Easy to use App to visualize swallowing

Mobili-T targets self-efficacy and keeps your patients engaged. The app shows you muscle excitation in real-time. Use this biofeedback to teach your patients:

  • What happens in a regular swallow
  • How to complete an effortful swallow: elicit more effort and what it means to do so
  • How to complete a held swallow (Mendehlson maneuver): engage sustained muscle contraction

You need Objective Data.

Mobili-T is capable of tracking progress to incrementally challenge patients with different workouts or more difficult targets.

Use Mobili-T® to work with patients either in clinic or during home- visits. Simply clean the device with an alcohol pad. With our packages, you can unlock features like the clinician portal which gives you the ability to easily create multiple patient profiles and customize workouts.

See your patients’ home adherence data instantly with our Clinician Portal

Working with patients remotely? You can use our Clinician web Portal to remotely monitor adherence.