The dysphagia device making sEMG technology more portable & affordable.

Introducing Mobili-T®

Mobili-T® is an elegant, user-friendly system that empowers you to help your patients with dysphagia see, learn about and adhere to their swallowing exercises. Mobili-T® allows you to benefit from accessible biofeedback technology, from the clinic, home or really anywhere.

Empower your practice with a level of care you’ve never had before.

Backed by sEMG technology

sEMG stands for surface (s) electro (E) myo (M) graphy (G). It is a visual representation of muscle activity. This muscle excitation is captured by small sensors (the size of small buttons) that stick on the surface of the skin using adhesive. Most clinicians, and by extension most patients with dysphagia do not have access to this type of technology. 

Designed by Clinicians

The idea of Mobili-T was conceived right in our very own clinic, over a decade ago. Since then, through partnerships and collaborations with biomedical engineers, designers, software developers, patients, and clinicians we have created countless iterations. Critical problem solving, research, and creativity are the core of what we do. And this is just the beginning.

Connecting clinicians to patients like never before.

Remote patient monitoring of swallowing exercises that doesn’t waste your time.

Our Portal presents data in a simple, intuitive format designed to streamline your clinical practice with patient care being top of mind.

The Inspiration

Mobili-T had its beginnings in a true clinical problem, experienced by our founders. We saw how dysphagia could destroy quality of life and take away one of the most basic functions and pleasures of being human – enjoying a great meal with family and friends. As clinicians, we knew that there was a therapy that could help, but for many patients, it was impossible to make the daily trips to the hospital that were required in order to access the necessary equipment. The best we could do was to give them a set of exercises that were written on a piece of paper. We asked ourselves, “What can we do to change this? There must be a way to get this technology into the hands of patients where it matters the most – in their homes.”

The solution, Mobili-T, was designed and developed to be just that. A system that clinicians can use in the clinic, and that they can send home with patients for continuity of care. Mobili-T continues to evolve as a result of our high performing team members, who are all critical thinkers and who thrive on solving real-world problems with input from our patients and clinical users.