Complete Your Swallowing Exercises from Home
with Mobili-T®

Introducing Mobili-T®

For the first time ever, patients can access sEMG technology affordably to help adhere to their swallowing exercises. 

Mobili-T® is an elegant and user-friendly system that empowers patients with dysphagia to stick to their swallowing exercises. Mobili-T® allows people with dysphagia to benefit from biofeedback technology in the comfort of their own homes—or almost anywhere.

Why Mobili-T®?


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Higher quality of care.

You are empowered to take control of your own health knowing your data is automatically shared with your healthcare team. Peace of mind replaces trying to remember to record your exercises in a log book for your clinician.

Designed for you by Clinicians

We created Mobili-T® as a device and app that allows patients to practice their swallowing exercises from anywhere, anytime. Mobili-T® offers personalized targets, biofeedback, and progress trackers that motivate, encourage and empower.

When I asked my patient what she likes about Mobili-T, she said “It measures stuff that you normally wouldn’t be able to measure and it helps me be aware of my swallowing.” When I asked her what would it be like if you weren’t using the device to do an effortful swallow, my patient said “It would be more difficult to know what effort really means.”

Marie Severson


Connect with Your Clinician

Complete your Swallowing Exercises from the comfort of your home.

Our Portal presents data in a simple, intuitive format designed to help your clinician make decisions with your health being top of mind.

I was literally amazed to swallow something solid for the first time in five years. It’s amazing.

Leslie O’Connor-Parsons

Mobili-T® User

If you just have to sit and swallow, it’s kind of a boring thing, whereas if you get that feedback, you’re more apt to do it.

Scott Ellis

Mobili-T® User

When I started with your product, I was drinking a cup of coffee, but it took me over 5 hours to drink it without aspirating. I just drank a cup of coffee in a half hour! Also, I am now drinking two of them a day. This is a big improvement for someone like me.

Mike M

Mobili-T® User

What patients say about Mobili-T®

Ted Power, a head and neck cancer survivor, discusses his personal experience with Mobili-T® clinical trial after undergoing tongue surgery.