Meet Mobili-T: Redefining dysphagia therapy

HIPAA compliant &
FDA Cleared

Award-winning technology & design

Swallows completed and counting everyday

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) capability

Mobili-T® is making moves.


One system provides an efficient solution for multiple aspects of dysphagia therapy. Spend less clinician time teaching and monitoring dysphagia exercises and get patients on the road to recovery faster.

Easy to Implement

Designed and developed for clinicians by clinicians who know what’s needed to seamlessly transform research into practice.

Remote Monitoring Capability

Empower patients to adhere to swallowing exercise programs.  Take advantage of the flexibility of remote monitoring, as you access objective data about your patients’ home workouts. Work smarter not harder. 

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There are many reasons why you should implement Mobili-T into your Health System. Don’t just take our word for it, read through our customer case studies to find out how they’re using Mobili-T in their Health System and the difference it’s making with their patients.

“When I asked my patient what she likes about Mobili-T, she said “It measures stuff that you normally wouldn’t be able to measure and it helps me be aware of my swallowing.” When I asked her what would it be like if you weren’t using the device to do an effortful swallow, my patient said “It would be more difficult to know what effort really means.”

Marie Severson


How Mobili-T® is helping patients.

Ted Power, who was treated for head and neck cancer, discusses his personal experience with Mobili-T® clinical trials after undergoing tongue surgery.

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Learn about how Mobili-T® can help you improve patient outcomes

sEMG biofeedback, when used as an adjunct to swallowing exercise, has been shown to result in better functional outcomes than conventional therapy alone.


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