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Dysphagia is a common outcome of stroke, head and neck cancer, and neurological conditions like Parkinson’s Disease.


  • Adds 60% to health care costs1,2
  • Is associated with an increased length of stay in hospital1,2
  • Is associated with a high rate of hospital readmissions3,4
  • Can result in costly consequences, such as aspiration pneumonia and g-tubes5,6

Our Solution

Very simply, we’ve modernized a known therapy technique that has been shown to result in positive outcomes on swallowing function7  such as:

Elimination of feeding tubes8

Improved oral intake8

Clinically-significant improvements in patient-reported outcomes9

Your patients and clinicians can now level up swallowing exercising with an innovative, portable Mobili-T® device.

With remote digital sEMG biofeedback, clinicians can deliver therapy where they need to, and objectively track adherence to make more precise decisions for better swallowing outcomes.

Higher quality of care for your patients.

Patients are empowered to take control of their own health knowing their data is automatically shared with their healthcare team. Peace of mind replaces after-hour phone calls and avoidable emergency room visits.

Backed by research and technical support

Mobili-T is developed and designed by a team of clinicians based on extensive user research. Responsive customer support will provide your team with ongoing support and training to get the best out of the system.

Intuitive design and easy navigation for patients and clinicians

Easy-to-use device and professional packages, with individual clinician portals, to help busy clinicians stay on top of patient progress with the aim of achieving better swallowing outcomes in a more timely fashion.

Optimize and grow your outpatient service capacity by offering an at-home exercise option

Not all patients require daily commute or in-hospital care. With Mobili-T’s remote monitoring, clinicians can help patients continue recovery from the comfort of their homes.

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