Case Studies

Read how you can use Mobili-T® and our Clinician Portal as your clinical companion to educate performance of exercise, elicit effort, and build self-efficacy in patients.

Read about how a Stanford clinic is using Mobili-T®  to help patients adhere to their swallowing exercise workouts at home for better results.

Heather Starmer

Director of Stanford’s Head and Neck Cancer Speech and Swallowing Rehabilitation Center

Find out how adding Mobili-T to their dysphagia exercise workouts led to enhanced patient understanding and performance and the capacity to monitor exercises at home.

Dr. Stephanie Watts

The Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery

Have a look at how Mobili-T helped one facility save valuable time in dysphagia therapy sessions and moved patients more confidently toward their swallowing rehabilitation goals


Speech Language Pathologist

How 6 weeks with Mobili-T® allowed one patient to override a 30 year history of dysphagia

Taylor Kae Hahn

Speech Language Pathologist

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Mobili-T® is an elegant, user-friendly system that empowers you to help your patients with dysphagia see, learn about and adhere to their swallowing exercises. Mobili-T® allows you to benefit from accessible biofeedback technology, from the clinic, home or really anywhere.

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