How Mobili-T® Works

Mobili-T is an elegant and user-friendly device that empowers you to stick to your swallowing exercises. Until recently, this technology was only available in hospitals. But, Mobili-T allows individuals with swallowing difficulties to benefit from biofeedback technology in the comfort of your own home—or almost anywhere.

The Mobili-T device connects to an app that provides real-time visual feedback. This allows you to see how hard your muscles are contracting and for how long. Depending on which membership you have, you can track your progress and find out whether you’re meeting clinical targets.

The Mobili-T device contains surface electromyography sensors (or sEMG for short), which measure the strength of your muscle squeeze as you exercise. When your muscles contract, the biofeedback line goes up. When your muscles relax, the biofeedback line flattens.

Formal studies have guided every aspect of our product development. This research has been published in peer-reviewed journals and can be found on our website. We also have received informal input from many patients and clinicians. We thank them all for their valuable feedback.

The exercises included in the Trainer membership have been clinically shown to improve aspects of the swallowing process, particularly when combined with biofeedback.

Set Targets (Calibration)

The first step in each workout session is calibration, which helps to set your targets for that session.

You will need to complete this step each time you take the device off and put it back on because even slight changes in sensor placement on your muscles can make a difference. You also will need to complete this step if you take a long break.

The calibration step adjusts your targets in real time, so your workouts are always personalized.

Regular Swallows

These exercises are meant to act as a warm-up and prime your muscles for the more involved trials.

Other Exercises

Depending on your membership, you may have access to additional exercises.

The results you see will vary depending on why you are using Mobili-T, the root causes of your swallowing difficulties, and what your goals are.

We recommend you stick to a daily exercise program for at least three months. We know from fitness science that muscles in the body respond to being challenged. But after a while, they also begin to adapt. Just like when we go to the gym, we have to keep on challenging our muscles to get them to keep moving to the next level.

The Mobili-T device emits Bluetooth signals, which are extremely low-powered—approximately 100 times less than the maximum power of a mobile phone.

Due to this fact, many wireless healthcare and medical devices operate on Bluetooth. Mobili-T devices use Bluetooth Low Energy, which offers an even lower emission than standard Bluetooth.

You only need internet access to download the Mobili-T app, but you don’t need the internet to workout with Mobili-T.

You don’t need a clinician to use the Mobili-T, although we recommend it. We encourage you to work with a clinician (e.g., speech pathologist) to determine the reason for your swallowing difficulties and decide if Mobili-T is right for you.

We also recommend using the Trainer membership, which allows you to connect with a clinician who can remotely monitor your progress.

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