You asked, we delivered… Again!

Everyone is unique. Now their dysphagia program can be too!

Design custom workouts through the Clinician Portal for each of your patients.

Portable, visual sEMG device for modern clinicians.

Powerful sEMG technology packed in a light, patient-friendly device.

  • Non-invasive, pain-free device attached under the chin of patients
  • Visual biofeedback to see their swallow
  • Clinician’s portal to track your patients’ progress

How the Customizable Exercises Work

Open the Clinician Portal on your iPhone or iPad and sign in.

Don’t have an account on the Clinician Portal yet? Simply click Sign Up and follow the steps.

Find or add your patient in the Portal then click Edit under the workout column.

Make sure you’re editing the correct patient pseudonym.

Change the number of reps (up to 9) for Regular, Effortful and Held Swallows.

Easily eliminate an exercise by selecting 0 reps.

Choose the number of Rounds (between 1-12) that your patient should perform in this sequence.

Once you’ve picked the number of Rounds tap Submit to confirm.

Start your session!

Pressing Launch will open the Mobili-T app with your profile’s new workout.

From your Desktop, access the same Clinician Portal to see details on workouts completed.

You can continue to monitor adherence and track progress for any patients
completing exercises at home with their own Mobili-T.