For the first time ever, enrich your practice with affordable sEMG technology.

Introducing Mobili-T®

Mobili-T® is an elegant, user-friendly system that empowers you to help your patients with dysphagia see, learn about and adhere to their swallowing exercises. Mobili-T® allows you to benefit from accessible biofeedback technology, from the clinic, home or really anywhere.

Empower your practice with a level of care you’ve never had before.

When I asked my patient what she likes about Mobili-T, she said “It measures stuff that you normally wouldn’t be able to measure and it helps me be aware of my swallowing.” When I asked her what would it be like if you weren’t using the device to do an effortful swallow, my patient said “It would be more difficult to know what effort really means.”

Marie Severson


Why Mobili-T®?


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Higher quality of care for your patients.

Patients are empowered to take control of their own health knowing their data is automatically shared with their healthcare team. Peace of mind replaces after-hour phone calls and avoidable emergency room visits.

Designed by Clinicians

Our clinical experience showed us that coming into clinic is costly, inconvenient, requires advanced planning, and involves a lot of waiting. We desperately wanted to give our patients exercise that was more than just a piece of paper with exercises written on it… and our patients wanted to receive this exercise.

Clinician Portal

Remote Patient Monitoring of Swallowing Exercises that doesn’t waste your time.

Our Portal presents data in a simple, intuitive format designed to streamline your clinical practice with patient care being top of mind.

“I just want to express my appreciation and gratitude to those who worked so hard to make this idea a reality! It is truly exciting to potentially have the ability to have a cost-effective way to provide sEMG for our patients in our small community setting.”

Meghin Boryan

CCC-SLP Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

What patients say about Mobili-T®

Ted Power, a head and neck cancer survivor, discusses his personal experience with Mobili-T® clinical trial after undergoing tongue surgery.

Help your patients enjoy the life they’re living.

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