The Inspiration Behind Mobili-T®

Most people have had the experience of choking on food at one point or another. It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and scary. But for 20% of people over 50, this is a regular and terrifying experience. To regain swallowing function, nothing works better than intensive, regular exercise.

And yet, our clinical experience showed us that coming into clinic is costly, inconvenient, requires advanced planning, and involves a lot of waiting. We desperately wanted to give our patients exercise that was more than just a piece of paper with exercises written on it… and our patients wanted to receive this exercise.

We created Mobili-T® as a device and app that allows patients to practice their swallowing exercises from anywhere, anytime. Mobili-T offers personalized targets, biofeedback, and progress trackers that motivate, encourage, and empower.

For patients, Mobili-T® is swallowing exercise at your convenience.

For clinicians, Mobili-T® can improve your patients’ adherence to their swallowing exercises.


What patients told us

I do not want to have to drive or find my way to the clinic every day, just to do my exercises.

Education, building confidence, tailored prescriptions, and accountability help me stick to my exercise.

Biofeedback is important and should be immediate, simple and straightforward.


What clinicians told us

We want something that is easy to use, and that improves the care we provide for our patients.

We need to move away from equipment in the clinic to portable technology that gives patients everything they need, where they need it.

Patients need real time feedback on swallowing exercise effectiveness that sparks encouragement and confidence, so that they can learn to swallow properly.

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