• “I love Mobili-T. It has completely changed my life in a positive way.”

    —Ted Power, Mobili-T user

  • “When I started with your product, I was drinking a cup of coffee, but it took me over 5 hours to drink it without aspirating. I just drank a cup of coffee in a half hour! Also, I am now drinking two of them a day. This is a big improvement for someone like me.”

    —Mike M, Mobili-T user, USA

  • “I just want to express my appreciation and gratitude to those who worked so hard to make this idea a reality! It is truly exciting to potentially have the ability to have a cost-effective way to provide sEMG for our patients in our small community setting.”

    —Meghin Boryan, CCC-SLP Lead Speech-Language Pathologist, USA

  • “I work in private practice, home health and inpatient rehab as a doctor of speech pathology, and to have the capability to take a portable sEMG device around with me to treat my patients is invaluable.”

    —Olivia S. Jensen, Doctor of Speech and Language Pathology M.S. CCC-SLPD

  • “I was literally amazed to swallow something solid for the first time in five years. It's amazing.”

    —Leslie O'Connor-Parsons, Mobili-T user

  • “If you just have to sit and swallow, it's kind of a boring thing, whereas if you get that feedback, you're more apt to do it.”

    —Scott Ellis, Mobili-T user

  • “He can eat anything he wants now, with water (post-tx) and the amount of time for meals has changed substantially.”

    —participant's clinician

  • “Says he has not missed a day in treatment.”

    —participant's clinician

  • “Liked the game aspect of it; incentive is I’m doing a good job! It was “agonizing” not being able to getting full marks.”

    —trial participant

  • “Not losing interest in eating as quickly as before (not discouraged) because it is easier to swallow.”

    —trial participant

  • “Device makes me do it when I wouldn’t do it.”

    —trial participant

  • “Mobili-T keeps you interested.”

    —trial participant

  • “Mobili-T gave me a reason to do it…wouldn’t have done the exercises without it.”

    —trial participant