Jana Rieger

Jana Rieger.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Jana Rieger has held roles as a professor, clinician, researcher, and now, entrepreneur. Her desire to advance research related to health outcomes and technology has led to the publication of over 80 peer-reviewed scientific articles. Fueled by her creative nature, Jana has excelled in building health and research programs from scratch, and has spun out True Angle from the University of Alberta to achieve her dream of seeing a technology that was developed in her lab – the Mobili-T® – change the lives of millions of people globally.

With input from her executive team, Jana sets the strategy and direction of the business and forms partnerships with external stakeholders to move the business forward.

Jana is passionate about building great teams, with bright people, who use their creativity to do great things. Outside the office, Jana puts her creativity to work in a different way by writing fiction! She published her first novel, A Course in Deception, in 2017.

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