Mobili-T is the first of many innovations to be brought to market by
True Angle Medical Technologies.


Our name, True Angle Medical Technologies, is based on three concepts that we have identified as being essential to the conception and construction of truly unique medical technologies.

By definition, an angle is the space between two lines at the point where they meet. At True Angle, we innovate in the space created by the intersection of clinical need and biomedical engineering.

An angle can also be thought of as a way of approaching a challenge. At True Angle, we embrace challenges, and approach them with the needs of our clinical partners and their patients in mind.

In architecture, the notion of symmetry and proportion - and their resulting angles - have long been known to contribute to the beauty of that which is created. While an apparent angle depends on your perspective, a true angle is based on reality. These occur simultaneously in the world around us. Likewise, at True Angle, our objective is to develop products that make sense from different perspectives and are designed and manufactured with the highest integrity.


Mobili-T is a portable swallowing therapy system. It is composed of a wireless piece of hardware that is placed under the chin, and an app that provides real-time biofeedback on a mobile device.
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Jana Rieger

Chief Executive Officer
Jana is a global leader in functional outcomes assessment related to head and neck disorders. Over her 20-year career in this field, Jana has held roles as a professor, clinician, researcher and administrator, and established a clinical research program that has been labelled the gold standard for functional outcomes assessment. Out of that program, she established an international network of researchers who are working collaboratively to better understand functional outcomes. Jana has been invited to lecture globally on the functional outcomes program, and has published extensively in the area. For the past 5 years, she led a team of over 20 engineers, clinicians, and industrial designers, who have worked together to develop the Mobili-T.

Dylan Scott
MSc PEng

Chief Technology Officer
Dylan is a professional engineer with over ten years of experience in technology development. Over the course of his career he has developed novel tools for industries as far ranging as food processing to hearing aids. Dylan has spent the last 8 years of his career within the biomedical sector and has over this time developed novel technology for multiple large international medical device corporations. His innovations are being used to help clinicians better treat and better understand the needs of their patients, and to help patients take more control over their own well-being. Dylan has led the technical development of the Mobili-T project from its inception.

Gabriela Constantinescu

Chief Product Officer
Gabi is an expert clinician researcher, with a decade of experience assessing and treating swallowing difficulties. In her doctoral work, Gabi was the recipient of several awards, including Avenue Edmonton's Top 40 Under 40, the Clinician Fellowship from Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, and the Dr. Alice E. Wilson Award from the Canadian Federation of University Women. Her research directly influenced the design and development of the Mobili-T. Gabi also served as the Program Coordinator for the Head and Neck Research Network, interfacing with international researchers, and administering central data collection. Gabi currently sits on the Leadership Team at the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine.


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